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EMF Syllabus

Phase 1
Foundation & Reinvention
How to get the best out of the program

In this launch module Peter welcomes you to the programme and explains how to set yourself up to win. He explains the program and how we go deeper by using his famous 4-question framework: Why? What? How? And What if?

3 Weeks
How the world actually works

Module 1 explains the proven principles for how reality (as we know it) is created and the true science behind it.

2 Weeks
Mastering the journey to mastery

Develop a system that will guide you to elevated levels of learning and behaviour, creating a faster pathway to excellence in everything you do.

2 Weeks
Creating powerful prosperity

Eradicate all limiting beliefs around money, and use these powerful principles and exercises to immediately start creating more abundance in your life.

2 Weeks
The key to living life on your terms

Mastery of emotional response is the key separator between those who live their life at ‘cause’ rather than ‘effect’. This module teaches specific techniques for instantly disarming negative emotions and the re-patterning of previous negative emotional triggers, so they can never sabotage you again.

2 Weeks
The four pathways to greatness

Most of our dysfunctional traits can be traced back to the Four Primary Relationships in Life. Learn how to have healthy, functional relationships in all four areas, with incredible insights never taught in formal education.

Phase 2

Purpose & direction
2 Weeks
Developing a laser like focus

Learning to concentrate is the primary skill that underpins the most successful people in history, and allows us to focus on and achieve the impossible. Being able to bring your entire focus to one thing for an extended period of time separates those who lead versus those who follow. Master this one area and everything else shifts – massively!

2 Weeks
Discovering the real you

Authenticity is often found to be the biggest secret to living, as revealed to people at the end of their life. Learning how to live authentically is the fabric from which the cloth of Through-Me is woven. People, paths and opportunities present themselves effortlessly when one lives from a place that is authentic.

2 Weeks
A new future is always available

How goal setting is taught in most areas of traditional personal development guarantees frustration and wasted energy. Goals Reinvented is the most powerful set of insights and principles on goal setting ever assembled, and will change everything you thought you knew about achieving exactly what you want.

2 Weeks
Solving the multiple personality puzzle

Do you ever feel like there is more than one person living inside your head? Are there parts of you that you try to ignore? What if you could see and understand them energetically and have them work together rather than compete for who is running the show? This module peels back the layers to dig deep and align every part of you.

Phase 3

Your Relationship with life
2 Weeks
Dissecting your psychology

The road map that guides human beings to a life of joy or a life of stress, via their own personal psychology, is often shrouded in confusion and outdated models. Module 10 provides the understanding, once and for all, as to why you do what you do, both at a conscious and unconscious level and explains why, despite their best intentions, so many people are programmed for failure.

2 Weeks
Rebuilding your psychology

Once you have understood the building blocks of your mind, and how they are wired together, it is time to rebuild. Designing your own mind from the ground up is one of the most permanently empowering feats you could ever accomplish.

2 Weeks
Exploring advanced levels of consciousness

Understanding is limited not to intelligence but to our level of consciousness. In Soul Path, Peter moves beyond his ‘4-Levels’ model into a deeper, advanced look at your consciousness as he guides you through the nuances spanning 16 different levels. Once you understand this module be prepared to be empowered in ways you could never have previously imagined.

2 Weeks
Living the life you were born to live!

Power flows to those who are living their mission. Getting in touch with your ‘True North’ and aligning your life to something bigger than ‘You’ is the conerstone to a life of passion, purpose and true fulfilment.


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As members of the Elite Mentorship Alumni, all trainers have undergone their own journey of personal transformation through the EMF. Every EMF Trainer has not only completed EMF but also has detailed knowledge of every element of the EMF program. This means we are perfectly placed to help you ease your way through the course, support you in smoothing out any bumps along the way and to guide and host you within your new peer group.

EMT Having received direct personal training from Peter, and completed the highly intensive Elite Mentorship Trainer course, we are intensely aware that each human being is unique, and will have a unique motive for embarking on a course such as this. We undertake to ensure you have a safe space to be you throughout the journey.

Any questions remaining can now be asked directly to your Trainer, who can help you towards a decision. Is this the right course for you? Are you right for this course? This next conversation will determine that.

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