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“Online marketing does not work!”

Don’t believe the naysayers!

I’m inspired. Let me tell you why?

Following on from my earlier post (‘Online marketing is over-valued!’ – do a search if you missed it) I also want you to know that I’ll continue to post content that entertains, educates and empowers you.

By sharing new stories that’ll include items from an endless list of new exciting tips, tricks, tools and tactics and secrets all about how to actually execute them to ensure you’re profitable online. 

Lead magnets, trip wires, low front-end offers,

Lead pages, squeeze pages, landing pages, 

Funnels, opt-in forms, headlines, copy that converts, 

Calls to action, email sequences, templates, FB ad copy and set up, 

Product design, sales scripts, traffic strategies, 

Instagram stories, lead gen campaigns, 

Hooks, the psychology of urgency and scarcity, FOMO and much much more

But stop! I hear you say … before all of that let’s get back to basics – keep it simple!

First and foremost, at the outset, all you’ll need to get started (if you’re not already enjoying massive success online) are the 4 core elements

  1. highly targetted traffic (your dream customers who visit your web, sales or offer page) to your opt-in page
  2. your product, service or offer
  3. an email sequence to follow up with your new dream customers and
  4. a sales system – webinar to call booking or whatever it is for your business. 

(I’ll talk about the actual tools required to set these up soon – so stay tuned to discover those secrets) 

Those 4 core elements are all you need to start getting results and making profit online

So you see, it’s the simplicity of online marketing that’s so inspiring. 

It IS simple to implement, even if you have no tech know-how and no online experience … yet! 

Don’t be phased by all the online marketing industry jargon … 

Trust me when I tell you that online marketing really is simple. When it’s kept simple, it’s easy. And when the proven path is followed, it absolutely works and gathers pace to scale up. 

It doesn’t matter what level you’re at or your depth of knowledge/experience. That’s your journey up to this point. 

The thing is wherever you’re at now, and whichever route you want to choose just know I’ve got you covered

Once the simple things are in place the rest just follows on automation like clockwork. 

There’s no need to get overwhelmed or overthink things

Kick procrastination into touch. Get out of your own way

Just always take consistent baby steps towards your ultimate goal to reap rewards. 

Keep it simple to make it easy! 

Just follow the proven path. No deviations!

Imperfect action is the key to keeping it simple AND easy. 

So let’s get the marketing done, even imperfectly, and get it out there to start impacting more lives. (Improvements and tweaks can always be scheduled in down the line one step at a time.) 

Above all, galvanise momentum and get it out there – take imperfect action. Entrepreneurs thrive on momentum, they have to keep things moving … so take less than perfect action! And get the snowball effect rolling …

My main purpose is to provide you with a vessel to help you improve your life for you and your loved ones. I’m kinda like a guide and mentor.

I offer a Done For Your service too – if you don’t want to do your own marketing, I can take that off your hands and Do It For You!

I’m excited about all these new developments in my business and the new chapter we’re embarking upon. 

I’d really like to invite you to join me on this journey for us to be able to learn and grow together

Will you come along on this new exciting adventure with me? 

Leave me a comment below and send me a ‘Yes!’ if you’re in. I’m excited to hear from you 

Go ahead and join me!


Til soon, from your fellow A-game player,


P.S. Remember to leave a comment with a ‘Yes’! It’s going to be a wonderful adventure.

We can celebrate successes and shoulder the struggles together if you accept my invitation that is!

And if you’d prefer to relinquish the marketing reigns of your business, I can keep them tight and get you the results that you desire and deserve! Either way let me know below …

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